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Life - the Lupin way

Welcome to India's third largest pharmaceutical company by revenues. At Lupin we believe our people are our biggest strength. We continuously nurture and motivate our human assets. We attribute our success so far, to the efficient and committed workforce of 9000 Lupinytes across the globe. The Company's clear business goals are well entrenched amidst our people and each employee is proud to contribute towards the overall mission of the Company. The HR function is constantly engaged in providing opportunities to our people to equip them with the right skills to enable them to learn, perform and succeed. Coupled with guidance and motivation, we aim to groom leaders for the Lupin of tomorrow.

Rajesh Dutta - Employed since July 2008

Formulation Scientist


Lupin is a company that has developed FDA-approved products. It is well organized and it offers many ongoing training opportunities, such as participation in courses and congresses.

Sandeep Shah - Employed since August 2010.

Sales Manager


Lupin is a great place to work. There's a vast array of career opportunities, and my work provides rewarding learning experiences. Every day I work with a diverse team of professionals all committed to the same end goal: improving quality of life for patients.