"Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are the foundation of the pharmaceutical industry and the backbone of Lupin's formulations business"

The global API market is witnessing strong growth and is currently valued at over USD 125 billion. Patent expiries in THE US and Europe, growth in emerging markets, demand for high quality APIs from other pharmaceutical players and increasing demand for essential drugs are boosting the growth of the global API industry.

India remains the most favoured API producing nation globally; largely because of its high quality manufacturing credentials as well as its cost competitiveness.

Lupin is one of the most vertically integrated pharmaceutical companies that has consciously focused on building scale and efficiencies that have made it an undisputed leader in its chosen product segments. Lupin has remained a global leader in therapeutic segments such as Cephalosporins, Cardivasculars and the Anti-TB space for over 15 years. Lupin’s strengths and cost leadership in APIs has not only enabled forging of better synergies between a complex, rapidly growing and fast evolving formulation business but also created new opportunities for future growth.

The Company’s API output has grown significantly in both volume and value. FY 2014 was a milestone year for the Company’s API business, recording revenues of Rs.11,140 million in FY 2014 as compared to Rs.9,498 million in FY 2013, reporting a growth of 17%.

The Company has already embarked on some key initiatives that are going to drive the future growth of the business; adopting greener chemistry technologies with the dual purpose of improving efficiencies and protecting the environment. The Company has re-focused its API group into making further inroads into markets such as US, Europe, Japan and exploring new opportunities in emerging markets like China, Brazil, Mexico, Korea and Russia.

The API plus division of the Company has also taken rapid strides in its value-added finished formulation business, the Principal-to-Principal (P2P) business. Lupin’s P2P business leverages our rich expertise in API research and formulations development. The Company’s P2P business has been successful in taking its products to other markets with launches in the Philippines and Ukraine during FY 2014. The internationalization of the P2P product portfolio is expected to be an important growth driver for the business.

The Company also consolidated its institutional formulations business position. It retained its leading position as one of the few coveted suppliers of Anti-TB products to the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s) Global Drug Facility. Lupin has the unique distinction of being the only company to have both its APIs and formulations for TB products prequalified by the WHO globally.

Products Category Pharmacopoeia
Cephalexin Cephalosporin* BP/EP/USP/IP
Cefaclor Cephalosporin* BP/EP/USP
Cefadroxil Cephalosporin* BP/EP/USP/IP
Cefprozil Cephalosporin* USP
Rifaximin Non Systemic Gastro-Intestinal EP
Ethambutol Anti-TB BP/EP/USP/IP
Pyrazinamide Anti-TB BP/EP/USP/IP
Rifampicin Anti-TB BP/EP/USP/IP
Rifabutin Anti-TB BP/EP/USP/In-house
Lisinopril Anti-hypertensive BP/EP/USP/IP
Simvastatin Anti-hyperlipidemic EP/USP
Prasugrel Anti-Thrombotic In-house
Levetiracetam Anti-convulsant USP
Lacosamide Anti-convulsant In-house
Eslicarbazepine  Acetate Anti-convulsant In-house
Rasagiline Mesylate Anti-parkinson In-house
Pregabalin Neuropathic Pain Agent In-house
Flupirtine Maleate   In-house
Febuxostat   In-house