Intellectual Property Management

At the very core of Lupin's Research is the Company's Intellectual Property Management Group (IPMG) which is not only responsible for its global product pipeline but also creates and manages a high-value patent portfolio that protects our business, research and technology assets. Lupin's IPMG has built one of the best track records within the global generic pharmaceutical industry for wins when it comes to successfully litigating and protecting Lupin's filings in key markets. The IP group played a pivotal role in the US launch of the generic version of Fortamet® tablets (Metformin Hydrochloride XR) in September 2011. In December, 2011 Shionogi's request for a preliminary injunction was granted and prevented Lupin from supplying additional quantities. A win at the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit resulted in Lupin re-launching the product in April 2012.

Highlights, FY 2013

  • The cumulative first to file products now stands at 29
  • During FY 2013, Lupin had 2 exclusive first-to-files for the generic versions of Apriso® and Viread 150mg, 200mg & 250mg strengths®. The Company also believes that it would have 4 non-exclusive first to files for the generic versions of Toviaz®, Savella®, Uloric® and Banzel®. Based on IMS MAT Mar 2013 data, the Brand Sales for these collective 6 first-to-file stands at USD 677 million
  • Lupin successfully launched generic versions of Combivir®, Tricor®, Seasonale® and Diovan-HCT®
  • During the year, the Company settled 7 pending litigations with various global pharmaceutical companies
  • The Company had three patent wins in FY 2013. In Bayer vs. Lupin on Yasmin and Yaz at the Federal Circuit and in Tevavs Lupin on Seasonique at the District Court

During FY 2013, the Company filed 157 new patents, taking the cumulative total to 1181 patents filed to date. This included 60 Formulation patents, 41 API/Process patents, 6 Biotech, and 47 NCE patents. The Company received approvals for 8 Formulation patents, 10 API patents and 2 NCE patents.